Embroidery Thread 101

All About the Floss

We will kick this embroidery resource series off with my favorite topic--thread! Also known as floss in the embroidery world, there is an amazing variety of thread types to choose from. I am a thread hoarding fiber lover. Just pulling open the thread drawer can brighten my day. I'm going to run through the various types of embroidery thread that is on the market.  

Pictured above, you've got the line-up of usual suspects. You'll notice that they are all DMC brand because that's my preference. There are other brands out there but I love the quality of DMC.

On the left is your basic cotton floss. It consists of 6 strands that can be divided to make a thinner line, or you can stitch with all 6 strands, like I normally do. It's a durable thread and comes in endless colors. This is the most common type of thread that stitchers use. 

Next up, ooh shiny! Meet metallic floss and light effects. This is a very wiry thread with metallics woven into the fibers. I have a serious love/hate relationship with this stuff. It is beautiful to look at and a complete pain in the behind to stitch with. Give it a try and be the judge. It's frequently used for holiday related pieces that are not meant to be washed or worn. 

Variegated floss is simply the bomb. I LOVE this stuff. It's basic cotton floss but the colors change seamlessly, giving the stitches an amazing look. DMC has some amazing color combos available. 

Pictured on the far right is a beautiful skein of pearl cotton. This is made of 2 strands that are woven together and cannot be divided. They come in different weights, which result in a variety of textures and dimensions. 

Not pictured are silks and rayons. They are not my favorite to stitch with but they are very lovely and worth playing around with a bit. Check out the glow in the dark floss for some fun kiddo projects! 

What thread questions do you have? How do you feel about metallic threads. Leave your fiber love below!