Debauchery & Donuts Embroidery Brunch + the Perfect Donut Hangover Cure

The inaugural donut brunch will go down in the Eat Drink Stitch history books as a huge success and a ton of fun. There were endless trips to the mimosa and donut bar and no shortage of amazing conversation and laughter. We called "last call" shortly after 12 p.m., noon.

As guests arrived, they were able to load-up on sweets from the donut bar. It was a combination of cake donuts, made by Hey Paul and her baking assistant; and donuts made by Donut King. Needless to say, they were delicious!

The mimosa bar was open, featuring a variety of juices and champagnes. We topped off each glass with raspberries, for an extra splash of color.

We hosted 20 guests, each received an embroidery hoop, pattern and stitch kit.

Many of the guests were learning the art of embroidery for the first time. Hey Paul taught multiple people how to thread a needle, stitch a back stitch and they were off and running like old pros!

I couldn't be more proud of the new stitchers' skills and the experienced stitchers' willingness to try something new! Be sure to visit #eatdrinkstitch on Instagram to see photos of their completed work!

Stay tuned to the Hey Paul calendar for more awesome events that are coming your way! Not in the KC area? In early 2016, I will be announcing ways that you can bring some of my special events to your zip code! Stay tuned for details.

Oh, yeah! What is the perfect donut hangover cure? Eat more donuts, of course!


Hey Paul